Chromebooks for Business and Education

Incredibly fast, simple, secure laptops engineered for efficient, easy-to-manage computing

Enterprise technology is evolving at a rapid rate, but many organizations continue to struggle with the cost and complexity of managing computers. Chromebooks are a simple, complete solution that deliver a superior experience for both IT and end users while dramatically improving the bottom line. Give your users quick, easy access to the web and browser-based apps, whether they are in the cloud, virtualized, or behind your firewall.

Built for Speed, Endurance & Mobility

  • 8-second boot and immediate resume
  • 8 hours of continuous usage
  • Wi-Fi and 3G with 100MB/month of free broadband
  • VPN and 802.1x support

Unprecedented Security

  • First OS designed to combat viruses and malware
  • Verified boot
  • User data encryption and tab sandboxing

Effortless Management

  • Web-based device and domain admin controls
  • Seamless auto-updates
  • No imaging, patching, upgrades or backups

Both Business and Education offerings include the hardware, operating system, updates and management console plus complete support directly from Google – all for a low monthly price that results in up to 70% lower total cost.

Learn more about the benefits of Chromebooks for Business and Chromebooks for Education.

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Google Chromebooks Overview

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