qaSoftware has established itself as the key competitive factor in today's business environment. Yet, few companies manage software production with the degree of care necessary to assure the value of the software they create. Whether you develop software for commercial use or rely on it to manage critical aspects of your own business, problems with production software can result in huge losses to revenue, profit and market share.

The Software Testing Division of Gteknologies employs a full range of sophisticated software compatibility testing methods to make sure that we deliver only top quality solutions to our customers and conform to the most rigid standards of software quality assurance (SQA). Our company software testing services will ensure that your software is bug-free, stable and works flawlessly on a variety of user PCs. Opting for Gteknologies’ high quality software compatibility testing services will meet quick turnaround needs, help minimise the cost of customer support and optimise customer satisfaction by detecting and fixing all bugs and flaws before the software reaches end-users.

Gteknologies maximizes the value of software, by assuring its development is done right. We've observed countless companies succeed and fail in developing software. We know the common pitfalls- and the best ways to overcome them. As a result, we've become experts in finding hidden inefficiencies in software development processes, by employing a pre-emptive approach to finding defects. Gteknologies has helped companies change the way they develop software by providing software quality assurance services. Change that creates better results, faster production cycles, and lower development and maintenance costs.

Support Services and Quality Assurance (QA) services from Telesis provide independent, vendor-neutral solutions to deliver your most critical software application enhancements on time and on budget. Whether you are looking for a complete QA Solution or simply Staff Augmentation services, we have the experience you need. Our proven QA/Testing Frameworks establish a corporate testing infrastructure with the ability to test any application, on any platform. Telesis has particular expertise in automated testing tools, financial/insurance applications and Web strategies.