Google Apps Change Management

Implementation of a new messaging and collaboration system may be the most significant technology transformation an organization undertakes, affecting people and processes across every function. Transformation of this magnitude represents a unique opportunity for management to energize the enterprise, instill new skills and best practices, empower the user community, drive individual and group innovation and lead the market.

Supported by Gteknologies change management  program, implementation of the Google Apps productivity suite is a dynamic catalyst for growth.

Drawing on its global Google Apps deployment experience, the Gteknologies change management team has created a rigorous approach that combines its specific Google Apps knowledge with current change management methodology. Services include Sponsorship, Communication and Readiness activities that are designed to help ensure faster adoption, greater utilization and higher end user proficiency.

Specific deliverables can include:

  • Audience Analysis: Identify key constituents within your organization and leverage the information to ensure a successful deployment
  • Sponsorship Plans: Builds and encourages leadership alignment around a single vision
  • Communication plans: Actionable and targeted plans build awareness and ensure early, rapid adoption
  • Change Measurement Plan: Provides visibility into effectiveness and impact of change activities
  • Training plans: Deliver the right training solutions to diverse audiences