Intercom Systems

Reliable communication between different areas of your home or office is key to security and better business practices. Intercom systems from Gteknologies offer innovative features, such as color video interfaces, powered by digital technology to connect remote locations for increased peace of mind.

Intercom systems can be installed for internal or external use, using existing phone lines or computer networks.

Audio Intercoms

intercom-audioAudio intercom systems allow users to communicate with their voices from different rooms within a large structure, such as an apartment building or office complex. External audio intercom systems let residents or employees screen prospective visitors from the outside point of entry. Internal audio intercom systems permit communication between rooms at home, or enable public announcements and other quick conversations in the workplace.

Gteknologies offers audio intercom systems in a variety of attractive styles, durable and sleek, for external and internal use. Some models include handsets, while others allow for convenient hands-free use.

Audio / Video (AV) Intercoms

intercom-avLike audio intercom systems, video/audio intercoms may be installed outside or inside a home or place of business. In addition to clear sound, video/audio intercoms offer sharp images, made possible by an audio and video transmitter and receiver in a single cabinet. Unlike audio intercom systems, the advantage is that users can see potential visitors and other conversation partners, which creates more security and increased peace of mind.

Gteknologies offers video/audio intercom systems with innovative features such as color imagery, video memory, pan, tilt & zoom views.

Phone Entry Intercoms

intercom-phonePhone entry intercom systems connect directly to the resident phone lines in a building. Residents are called without making a call to the central office, which bypasses the expense of telephone charges. Phone entry intercom systems offer lower costs, convenience and privacy, as the dialed phone number remains unrevealed.

IP Intercoms

intercom-ipIP intercom systems distribute audio and video signals on a computer network in an apartment building or office. The intercom system acts like any other computer on the local area network, which allows for flexibility. Multiple locations in different buildings can be connected for maximum reach.