Training & Change Management

cloud-devOur experienced change management team will work with your organization to seamlessly transition your users into the cloud after your Google Apps migration. Adoption of the Google Apps platform is received differently by different users, usually according to their prior experience with the platform.

Our change management team works with you to minimize impacts of the initial go-live period on morale and production, and ultimately reduce your organization’s time to proficiency in the cloud.

Do I need Change Management?

Many of our clients ask us this question. Here’s a list of basic questions you should yourself or your organization’s change agents.

  • Your Organization’s Last Major Change
    • When was your organization’s last major change?
    • How was that major change perceived by employees/users prior to the change?
    • How was that major change executed?
    • Did the organization achieve the desired results of the change?
  • Your Organization’s Employees or Email Users
    • How diverse are these people in terms of their familiarity and experience with the product being adopted?
    • Are your users in multiple offices, and you need to coordinate communication about the change?
    • Do your users have a history of making smooth transitions?

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