If 80% of visitors to your web site leave after landing on the first page, you've likely got a design problem with your site!

Usability analysis of a web site is the process of identifying what elements of a site prevent site users from achieving their objectives, and removing those obstacles, resulting in improving the "conversion' rate of site visitors to clients.
Often, the usability aspect of web design is overlooked. It is however, as important as attracting traffic to your site in the first place. Consider this; how can you double the number of sales made via your web site, or the number of qualified leads generated via your web site? Doubling traffic isn't the only option, nor is increased traffic always the most cost effective option. Often, the best option is the identification and removal of impediments to site usability.


The Site-Assessment is designed to aid sites that are not meeting expectations, due to performance issues such as:

  • Low traffic volumes
  • Poor conversion rates (typically less than 1%)
  • Early site abandonment

As part of the Site-Assessment, your web site is analyzed with the intent of identifying several major problem areas that may result in poor performance.

The analysis focuses issues such as:

  • Site Referral Analysis and impediments that may make this difficult
  • Visitor first impressions … first impressions are crucial
  • Speed and performance issues when using the web site
  • Usability and navigation problems … that may lead to confusion and site abandonment
  • Site persuasiveness
  • Site credibility Factors (privacy policies, data protection, terms and conditions)
  • Usability and functionality associated with the check out process

These problems could relate to:

  • Usability
  • Accessibility
  • Ecommerce regulations
  • Web design and branding
  • Search engine optimization

The Site-Assessment also provides proven solutions/recommendations so that you can start to improve the performance of your web site immediately!