Collaborative Solutions

Learn how to leverage Google Sites and Google Docs to build truly collaborative environments for your organization.

If you’re like most “Gone Google” organizations, you made the move to Google Apps because of the clear ROI associated with the messaging platform (Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, Talk, etc.). As your team settles in and realizes these benefits, you’ve probably also recognized that there are serious transformational benefits to be had adopting Google’s collaborative suite (Docs, Sites, Groups, Video, etc). Or, perhaps you have decided to stick with a legacy messaging platform and want to embrace the power of collaboration using Google Apps. This is where Gteknologies’ Collaboration Practice helps. We:

  • Help you understand and explore the potential advantages and opportunities for improvement using Google collaborative suite. Learn more.
  • Design, assemble, and deliver secure, custom sites such as Intranets, Extranets, and team sites.
  • Quickly deliver an Intranet, predefined with a selection of the most common features, for your organization. Learn more.
  • Define and design improvements in your document and enterprise content management.
  • If you’re not sold yet on Google Apps, but want to validate it in specific scenarios, we guide and facilitate your collaboration pilots. Learn more.