Gteknologies provides innovative security solutions for homes, businesses and the government sector. Our comprehensive services address the range of security needs, with an emphasis on the urban environment of Pakistan, our home base.

While 21st century security challenges grow in complexity, our mission remains the same: to protect from threats that cause harm. Gteknologies achieves that aim with a core group of services that answer diverse security problems encountered in the city:

Security and Video Surveillance

ipvideoMany security problems start for homes, businesses and government installations when no one is watching. Video surveillance services from Gteknologies assure monitoring around the clock and from all angles to keep an eye on places you value, even when you are not looking.
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Access Management and Control (ACS)

proximity-card-readers-246911How can people have freedom to come and go without compromising the security of an area? Access management and control answers this question by letting you determine who can enter and exit any given space, and what level of access they will have once inside.
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Integrated Security Systems (ISS)

control room-150x150Integrated security systems are one of the latest developments in closed-circuit television systems (CCTV) design. These systems available from Gteknologies offer an overall security solution that is easy to use, which makes them increasingly popular for small business owners.
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Telecom and Data

Data-center-150x150Now more than ever, commercial and government clients need fast, reliable telecommunications and data services to connect within their units and among external parties. A solid telecom and data infrastructure is essential to the smooth operations of businesses, safe transmission of sensitive government messages, overall peace of mind.
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Intercom Systems

structured-wiring-intercom-system-tp 7878737568875004231bReliable communication between different areas of your home or office is key to security and better business practices. Intercom systems from Gteknologies offer innovative features, such as color video interfaces, digitally to connect remote locations for increased peace of mind.
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Alarm Systems

lcd5500z-dsc-150x150Burglaries and robberies represent some of the most common crimes in the urban environment. Fortunately, experience shows that alarm systems may significantly decrease the chances of such invasions by deterring intruders and thieves from entering your home or business.
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Electronic Locks

electronic-door-locks-491104Locks are the popular face of security. Everyone is familiar with these mechanical or electronic devices that attach to doors, containers and other objects to restrict access, protect property and send the universal message, “Keep out!”
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These services, and our expertise in applying them to all scenarios, allow Gteknologies to tackle security challenges from the basic to the most complex. Whether you need to monitor an area, restrict access to sensitive information, discourage intruders, or prevent theft, the solution to your question is at hand. As our first service to you, we will come to your home or place of business to give a free assessment and estimation of your security situation.

No matter what services you need, your experience with Gteknologies will be marked by top-notch products, expert consultation and design, and professional installation. Count on reliable customer service and technical support for added peace of mind.