Research and Development


Mobile Solutions
Communicating anytime anywhere has become the need of the hour proliferation of mobile devices. New network technologies and falling cost of services and devices has made mobile easy-accessible communicating device as well as a virtual necessity for common people. Speculating this, our development teams have equipped themselves with latest wireless technologies such as Bluetooth, IEEE 802.11.b (Wi-Fi), protocols such as WAP and M-Services, and device operating environments such as Android, iOS, Palm OS, Windows CE and Symbian. Our R&D team has been conducting research and development to deliver innovative electronic commerce products to mobile users and enables deploying and delivering cutting-edge mobile applications.

Gteknologies has also quickly put in place a large team of professionals who are building a special area of expertise in the e-health market. Our e-health solutions provide best-in-class functionality for Clinical Trial Management, Field Sales and Management, Accounts, Medical affairs, Customer Services and Pharmaceutical Marketing. Our Online Clinical Trial Solution is designed to reduce the delivery time of new drugs in the market by improving the speed and efficiency of clinical development. With this, trial data can be processed as it is captured, providing sponsors real-time access to information. The Solution provides a dedicated and secure online environment in which all parties involved in a clinical trial can interact and co-operate to execute trial activities.

Since the introduction of Internet, experts have been exploring new ways to make it more popular and resourceful. The internet usage is not limited to sharing or accessing information rather it has become a great source for branding, promoting and selling of various products and services. The growing commercialization of internet has opened new sectors where millions of people get involved. Thus it leads to constant improvisation, modification and development. Realizing the significance of this scenario, Gteknologies Solutions has devoted a team of experts for research and development. The team is responsible for exploring new marketing strategies and implementing them while providing solutions to its clients.