About Us

Boundaries are not enough to confine people, those who look beyond political borders for their commercial & technological requirements. Gteknologies erupted out of such ambitious consequences. Gteknologies was founded in 2005. The primary objective was to IT services and Cloud services to its clients.

Gteknologies provides Hi-Tech Solutions by merging high-quality devices & software for managing networks of video cameras & access control. Gteknologies seeks to supply the most cost-effective solutions that meet our customers’ application requirements.

Gteknologies offers services including Hi-Tech Security & Surveillance, Intercom Systems, Alarm Systems, System & Network Administration, Database Management, Web Design/Development, E-Commerce, Web Promotion SEO/SEM Services, Contract Programming, Project Management, Project Outsourcing & Corporate Training. “We always value our customers the most. I’m truly thankful to my professionals who really work hard to complete jobs on time. I personally believe employees are the pillars on which a company’s success stands. This is the sole cause behind such a lustrous clientele & growing success of Gteknologies.”

As a Complete IT, Webware, Cloud and SecurityVideo Surveillance Solutions provider, Gteknologies has gained a good reputation of providing quality, cost-effective, cutting edge & on-time service to its customers. Our dynamic & unique way of working out the projects is the secret of our success & delivering the result at the right time. We too realize the importance of infrastructure, because knowledge & efficiency deliver outstanding, if they are backed by good infrastructure.

Gteknologies recognizes that availing good infrastructure & paying healthy salary & not enough to motive today’s employees. They need something supplementary that these like, a good team to work with, supporting team leader & constant administration support. Gteknologies always reviews its work ethics to keep intact with the growing & ever dynamic IT Industry.

Gteknologies is very practical in its approach & realizes its strengths. Gteknologies’ mission is to provide the complete solutions to its clients & see the client's business prospering. The company is not established enough to overcome all those corporate odds, yet never get complacent. Gteknologies short history says it success story & this always inspires its professionals to do something innovative & extra-ordinary in the field.